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When I was born my parents avoided the quintessential "my son will become an engineer one day" and went ahead with "look at his dimples". The rest is history. Watch videos featuring Milind.


Pfft! This is my playground. Bring it on!

Voice Over Artist

Not to boast but I can speak four languages and sound pretty awesome. Keep it fun.


Milind Mehta is an Actor, Emcee and a Voice Over Artist but beneath all that talent lies a man who’s mission is to spread smiles and kindness.

Breaking stereotypes and trying something new every now and then makes me experience a lot  that I eventually  pour into my art. With lack of judgement comes an understanding of people without having a preconceived notion towards them to fit them into brackets, this fluidity helps me grow as a person. Here in the about me section I do not want to sell you the idea of me. I’d rather ask you to experience and live life at its fullest because we are more than what we project to the outside world. I believe in oneness, practice the art of listening  and working together as a unit. Let’s Create!

Also, skip to the portfolio section if you don’t like philosophical paragraphs such as this and just contact me. Cheers! 

Milind Mehta Actor Photo

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